Freelance worker en advertising, branding, web design, photography, political communication
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10 years expertise in marketing, advertising and communication; strong writing abilities; strong analyzing and research skills; motivated, enthusiastic and very creative

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Pharmacy FMCG auto spare parts HVAC

Fields of practice:
Marketing, Communication, Sales

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Marketing Management Sales management

Types of interventions:

Training courses attended:

Technical University Iasi, Romania
bachelor degree in computer science - 2001

IAA Romania School of Marketing and Communications, Bucuresti, Romania, under IAA Worldwide Educational Programs – 2008


Led training courses:

Computer skills:
• High skills of Corel Draw and other related Corel software
• High skills of Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Lightroom
• High skills of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe In Design
• High skills of Adobe Go Live and Adobe Dreamweaver
• Very good skills in Joomla-based web site development
• Very good skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript
• Proficiency in Adobe Flash animation
• Good skills in SEO optimization
• MacOS, all iWork applications
• Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint


Some references:
Inter Auto

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• Member of the creative/planning board for Piatra Neamt local elections 2004 – our candidate was elected Major of the city (for the National Liberal Party PNL). I also managed 7 field teams during pre-campaign and campaign in the city.
• Member of the creative/planning board for parliamentary elections 2004, in the Neamt county – one Senate and two Deputy Chamber members elected from PNL Neamt
• Member of the creative/planning national electoral committee for the EU Parliament elections 2007 – 7 people elected for PNL Romania
• Member of the creative/planning national electoral committee in 2008 general elections. I also manage 4 campaign teams in the uninominal elections. (for PNL)
• Member of the creative/planning national electoral committee for presidency election in 2009. I also manage and overseen 7 county teams involved in presidential elections. (for PNL)
• Adviser for the Romanian board that worked for the liberal parties involved in Republic of Moldavia general election 2010
• Member of the initiative committee for Liberal Academy project (12 members, overseen by Friedrich Nauman Foundation) – in charge with advertising and media development program – present

• Press officer for the National Liberal Party Neamt county area office since 2006
• Press officer for the Youth Liberals since 2006

• Oversight and support for all integrated communication and advertising project that the agency made for various clients.
• Design and development of all web projects
• Conducted and supervised all photo-sessions for the clients
• Producer, supervisor and director for all video-clips making

Main clients and services provided:

TRUST Euro Therm, annual turnover 20 mil euro – exclusive service provider since 2004, mainly in the field of rebranding, naming for new products developed, fair design and set-up, web development, campaign development, press and advertorial services, media buying, adaptation for the Romanian language of the international advertising materials from suppliers

IZOTEC annual turnover 7 mil euro –naming, campaign development

RIFIL annual turnover 25 mil euro – naming, campaign development

KMK annual turnover 1 mil euro – fair design and set-up, web development, outdoor campaigns, media buying

A&A Medical annual turnover 35 mil euro – campaign development for diabetics programs

INTER CARS Romania annual turnover 7 mil euro –campaign development

NEW NATURE annual turnover 500.000 euro – naming, branding, web development, identity development, campaign development

• Oversight and support in all the company projects developed for clients
• Media buying advisor and account manager
• Peak achievement: 200.000 euro turnover
• Manager of a freelancer team of 3 during different projects

• Project Manager for Ecumenical Institute (part of Metropolitan See of Moldova and Bucovina) – project running and development for theology students exchange in order to achieve a better promotion of the ecumenical ideas around the world 1999-2001
• Administration, accounting and personal supervision of a local internet cafe network in Iasi, Romania 1998-1999

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